CZ wheels are different than any others. Their large conical shape and distinctive gold color really stand out in a crowd. Not to mention they are made of magnesium.

The wheels were quite dirty, oxidized, and otherwise pretty ugly. When new, the hubs are gold colored. Now they are an ugly grey oxidized color. And that's after they were clean.

Rusty McFarland chemically treated my hubs to restore the original gold color. They turned out really nice.

Steel rear brake baking plate, Dunlop 756 100/100/18 Rear tire, new Excel rim & Buchannon spokes, nice package.

Again, the magnesium hubs look really nice after being treated.

All of the wheel bearrings, front and rear were replaced with sealed bearrings. The seals were also replaced.

The Akront front rim is probably 30 plus years old. It cleaned up pretty well with a heavy dosage of steel wool and elbow grease. I had the spokes replaced with new Buchannon spokes. That is a Bridgestone M39 tire on the front. It came with the bike. Looks like a good sand tire. I'll have to see how well it works on the hardpack.

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker