Weights & Measures

Did you ever wonder what those heavy stock pieces weigh or how much weight you can expect to save by spending tons of noney? These are my results. I use a 50 lb digital fish scale. It should be accurate enough.

Part Weight Conditions
Gas Tank, stock, 71 Yellow 8 lbs 10 oz w/rubber pads, w/o cap or petcocks
Gas Tank, 3 gal plastic 3 lbs 12 oz w/cap & petcocks, it came on the bike when I bought it
Handlebars, stock 2 lbs 9 oz w/control levers
Frame, 71 black 18 lbs 15 oz bare - all bolts, steering head bearings, footpegs, rear motor mount, & swingarm removed
Rear Motor Mount 0 lbs 13 oz bare
Swingarm Pivot Bolt 1 lb 1 oz w/steel bushings, big nut, washer, & end caps
Swingarm, 71 black 6 lbs 03 oz w/brass bushings
Exhaust Header 1 lbs 12 oz w/flange
Exhaust Pipe 4 lbs 11 oz In need of repair, silencer empty

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker