Simple but effective in it's day, 6" in the front and 4" (or less) in the rear.

The forks were dull and leaky. Springs seemed fine though.

13" Konis with 60/90 springs on the back need to be rebuilt or replaced.

The forks polished up real nice. When pulling out old seals, I like to slice the top of the seal with a sharp chisel and then fold it toward the center. That way you do not put any pressure on the outer fork leg rim. It will break if you pry too hard on the seal. I put dual seals in each fork leg, replaced the wipers, kept the old springs, and filled each leg with 175cc 20wt fork oil. We'll start there and make appropriate adjustments as we go.

I still want to rebuild the Konis, but for now I have installed 13.5" basic Progressive shocks with 75 lb springs. I like the extra length because it maximizes the travel for AHRMA events and tightens the steering a touch. I got the shocks through Heritage MX Supply.

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker