Controls, Seat, Fenders, and the rest

These are the final touches that can really make the difference in the finished product.

Spares and other Miscellaneous things

This intake manifold has about a 33mm intake tract. It will bolt right on to my 71 250 barrel as far as the four bolt battern goes. The curious thing to me is it is a two piece manifold. It is split horizontally and is held togethe by 3 bolts. It even has two part numbers, one for the top and one for the bottom, 980-16-246 & 980-16-247. You tell me which is the bottom or top. Does any body know which model CZ or Jawa this might have come from?

This is an exhaust manifold from.............what? It had a broken bolt in the brazed on nut. I extracted that and threaded a bolt all the way through with no hangups, so it must be OK now.

This foot peg is almost perfect except the bolt. it looks like it got a little use as a chain guide/tensioner. To remove the bolt you need to remove the pivot pin. To do that, you need to destroy it, I'm sure, and replace it with a bolt or other pin+cotter pin arrangement.

Spring retainer? The brake shoes fit a drum approximately 5" in diameter.

A couple slides from what? Perhaps Bing? Approx. 40 & 41mm diameter.

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker