Gas Tank - Vintage CZ Refresh

I found a Yellow CZ tank of the same year as my new CZ. Gotta love ebay.

I love the look, the narrow profile, and the stock factor, but there is 5 lbs to save with a plastic coffin tank. We'll see.

Broken mounting tab. I'm not sure if I should pull the whole tab off or just weld on an extension.

The pads on both sides will need to be secured better. I'll probably pull them off to paint the tank anyway. Are these available? The tank was welded on the top. I'll try to clean that up. The cap fit from the plastic tank, perhaps the petcocks will as well.

Looks better already, just setting it on the bike.
nice kickstand, think it will help the grass grow?
All repaired, sand blasted, painted, stickered and ready to mount (below)

You can see the left side tab repair. The weld on the top was feathered but I didn't want to try ton completely remove it.

The inside of the tank was treated with a rust buster and tank sealer called POR-15. We'll see how that works.

A couple NOS petcocks and a NOS gas cap are nice toppers. Watch ebay for Kolotour. He has NOS stuff time to time. I also bought my NOS kickstarter from him. The decals were purchased from CR High Performance as well as one of the side pads. I got the other pad off ebay.

Another look at the left side tab repair. Not bad for rattle can technology. I used Plasti-Kote Ultra Enamel School Bus Yellow, available at Pep Boys.

What do you know ................... It did help the grass grow!

Things on my list to do:

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker