The frame is in good shape. It only needs a few things.

So far it's looking pretty good. No special skills, just rattle can and bench vise technology. In other words, I am winging it trying to do as much my self as I can. Everything in the to do list above has now been done.

Removing the swingarm pivot bolt was a real chore but a hammer and WD-40 comes through once again. I used an appropriate sized socket and extension to drive out the brass bushings. To install the new bushings, I used a good size bench vise to press them in. I used aluminum angle iron over the vise jaws to protect the bushings and swingarm from being marred by the jaws.

I installed tapered steering head bearings puchased from Heritage MX Supply. They even supplied the appropriate tubes for pressing the bearings and races in.

I polished a few things like the triple clamps. I almost wish I had just bead blasted everything for that clean one-off look. All the pretty CZ's have polished everything. Looks good but maybe a little flashy.

I did take the paint off the coil mounts on both the frame and the clamps where they contact each other.

The appropriate size breaker bar for the swingarm nuts. They were really tough to get off.

The process of putting the engine mount on the swingarm with the beveled washers and orings is a lot easier with a tool like the Irwin Quick Grip, available at Home Depot & other such places. By squeezing the rear axle end of the swingarm, the engine mount end will open enough to get the mount in easily between the beveled washers on the swingarm. Don't over do it though.

To get the swingarm, with the engine mount in place, into the frame, reposition the Quick Grip pads (yellow pads facing out) to spread the frame to allow the swingarm w/engine mount to be inserted easily while you slip the pivot bolt through. Don't forget to lube the swingarm pivot with 80wt gear oil or other lube stuff.

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker