Ebay Buy

This is the bike as I bought it on ebay. Not pretty but it ran, the tranny worked, the frame was not butchered and it had a title. I especially liked the title part. It's a project.

Check out that gas tank. It is plastic, probably holds 3 gallons, but it is wide. Besides, it's kind of funny looking. Put a different tank on the list of things to get. That is one of the original style Preston Petty fenders on the front

62 tooth rear sprocket, Konis look servicable, original? chrome rear rim folding pegs, dual coils, under the seat there is a one piece inner fender and airbox

3.6 X 18 rear tire, stock handlebars steel rear fender, nice seat, slightly bent swingarm

That's about it and it has a pink slip too. I am pleased with the overall package. It runs well and the transmission shifts through the gears. I will tear into it though and try to update this project on line as if somebody was actually reading it.

Things on my list to do:

I am open to suggestions.

Craig Walker